Nnamdi Kanu

Nnamdi Kanu and His Crew Don’ t Represent the Igbos – Igbo Broadcaster


The beleaguered leader of the Independent People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu has attracted
diverse reactions on social media following his controversial comments on Nigerians whom he
referred to as ‘ savages and animals’ .

Incarcerated Nnamdi Kanu had a field day in court yesterday after the judge struck out 6 of the 11 criminal charges leveled against him by the Federal Government.

Nnamdi Kanu

During a brief interview outside the court in Abuja, Mr Kanu in his Jewish attire accused the Nigerian security operatives of failing to
obey laid down rules and regulations . He ended by reiterating that Nigeria is filled with ‘savages and animals’ .
As he was led away by prison officials, he cheered up his IPOB supporters with the Biafra chant and threatened to retaliate the
death of the extra-judicial killings of the Igbos reportedly perpetrated by security operatives.

His outburst and controversial utterances capable of inciting violence in the already
fragile and restive polity has attracted the intellectual response of the Operations Manager at WE TV , Wazobia TV , Gochu Enwereji who happens to be an Igbo too .

An indifferent Mr. Enwereji based in Lagos took to his Facebook page to penned down the short piece below :

“ My response to a post by one youth that solicited lots of heated verbal abuses based on
ethnic and other appalling sentiments on the Nnamdi KANU issue – trust me it goes on in all
forums in same format … “ Our mumu done do” I  say :
Firstly , its youth like you guys that make me feel we have a hopeless future – why go the route of
the old divide and rule generation ?!!!… Nnamdi and his crew don’ t represent the IBO ’ s , how many of the enlightened IBO ’ s believe in him?!!!,

Secondly, a vegetarian has no business selling me meat – he and his family are not based in
Nigeria and have UK passports, so how does he claim to fight for me from out there – how would
he feel my sufferings from out there …
Thirdly no proud IBO man would claim to be a second class citizen of any other country, not even Israelis who are mostly racist this days …
When he was arrested , he called himself a UK citizen in other to seek help , now they are
Jews ?!!! …

Truly a confused lot who should all be tried for treason … Ask these people routing for him,
what he has ever done or achieved for the IBO race and in the Eastern part or Nigeria – dude
is just looking for cheap money , power and fame , and he ’ s lost on all counts … He should
start by building up the east , then we would listen to his talk about a Biafran el Dorado …
Back to you Lanre, am IBO but I believe in Nigeria as a collective entity and so am very
detribalized – its so barbaric to generalize any ethnicity in Nigeria , cos we have the good , bad n
ugly in all of them … Instead of coming together to fight our common enemy who don ’t think
tribe , religion or class , when they are sharing our collective wealth among themselves , we
keep playing into their hands by fanning the embers of their divide and rule strategies !!! …
Like Charly Boy said , ‘ our mumu done do’ !!! …”